There is about to be a war between the 'South Park' kids and Justin Bieber! Why? Because an animated version of his gal pal Selena Gomez – not voiced by the singer/actress -- appeared on the show last night and was punched in the face and hit over the head with a baking sheet! Ouch. The Biebs might be so inspired to come to his lady love's rescue in some form or another! We'll see.

Here's the gist of how Gomez factored into the episode: A student pooped his pants at school, and the teachers then hired the lovable big mouth Eric Cartman to create a diversion to keep the other kids from making fun of the pants pooper. However, Cartman hatches a plan is to make all the other kids poop their pants, thus leveling the playing field. The teachers take part in the scheme, against their better judgment. But Cartman has blackmail demands, and that's to meet Gomez. But it's not like he is crushing on her or wants to steal her away from her man. He doesn't even want her to serenade him privately. Not even!

Instead, Cartman would like to see her beaten up.

In the scene, Gomez, dressed all cartoon cute with a purple scarf and hot pink cross-body bag, coos, "Hi Eric, I understand you want to meet me. Want to get a picture together?"

He promptly turns her down, saying, "No thanks. Okay proceed." At this point, the faculty members apologize to the singer, punching her twice in the face and hitting her over the head with a baking sheet, leaving her wobbly. Mr. Mackey says, "Get her the f--- out of here" and she's gone.

While this episode comes at an inopportune time, with Gomez having been forced to get a restraining order against a mentally disturbed stalker who threatened her life, you're nobody until Trey Parker and Matt Stone make fun of you on 'South Park.'

Watch Selena Gomez on 'South Park'