Yo, actress Anne Hathaway could become the latest member of the Young Money collective after the hardcore rap song she wrote about the paparazzi, which she deftly demonstrated on 'Conan' last night!

Apparently, Hathaway likes to vent through songwriting, since the paparazzi have been stalking the set of 'Dark Knight Rises,' in which Hathaway will play Catwoman. Their actions have brought out the Lil Wayne side of the actress.

In a girlish, composed voice she told Conan: "With all the stuff that's been going on with Batman, the paparazzi attention's been a little intense. So I actually wrote a rap song about it." She admitted that the rap is "in the style of Lil Wayne." There's no better influence, right?

Hathaway then busted out a mean, rapid-fire rap, spewing her verses without breaking character and in braggadocio fashion. She has Weezy's swagger down pat and didn't break up her flow at all. She used her hands and spit out "Pop-pop-pop-arazzi" several times.

Some of the lyrical science that Hathaway – or is that Heezy? -- dropped includes:

"Yo I'm a paparazzi / I don't play no Yahtzee" and "My camera's up your crotch" along with "I tell the truth about what I see / And sell it to Perez Hilti." Yes, she said "Hilti!"

Her best lyrical gem? "Don't act all hotsy totsy / B--- I know you from Jersey!" She then dropped the hardline and returned to her sweet, demure, classy self.

Damn! Anne, who knew you had it in ya? Hey, Weezy, we think you found someone new to feature on 'Tha Carter V,' whenever you get around to planning your next album after 'Tha Carter IV.'

By the way, Hathaway is a Jersey Girl, raised in Milford. That should explain where the sass came from.

Watch Anne Hathaway Rap Like Lil Wayne