Ashanti has released the video for her latest single, 'The Woman You Love,' featuring Busta Rhymes, which flashes between the singer's tumultuous relationship and a futuristic world.

The clip begins with a message that reads: "As a tortured soul floats into the future, the only way to heal is to accept and let go of the past." R&B singer is beamed onto a starship, and kicks off the reflective and ultimately empowered song while fans see visions of what transpired.

Ashanti and her chiseled man (played by actor Marcus Patrick) seem to have the perfect life, that is, until she finds photos of another woman on his phone. To make matters worse, she walks in on her hunky guy during one of his dalliances. Oh, but it doesn't end there. The other girl leaves a positive pregnancy test at Ashanti's doorstep. Yikes.

The 31-year-old sings of trying to be everything that her man wants, but in the end, he's the one who's "no good." The video is a clear representation of her sentiments.

'The Woman You Love' is featured on Ashanti's forthcoming fifth album, 'Braveheart.' The title of the LP was inspired by the 1995 film of the same name.

Watch the Ashanti 'The Woman You Love' Video Feat. Busta Rhymes