'I Love College' rapper Asher Roth hopes to move beyond one-hit wonder status with 'Last Man Standing,' a hot new track featuring Akon.

'Last Man Standing' has a lot more muscle, both musically and lyrically, than 'I Love College,' which offered funny but lightweight observations like, "I can get pizza a dollar a slice."

On 'Last Man Standing,' with electric guitars and drums providing a powerful base, Roth and Akon vow to overcome all challenges thrown their way.

Roth still injects humor into his verses ("Ate the corn right off the cob, didn't need no help"), but he also fights for respect and argues that he deserves his success:

"Too grown to complain, I create the lane I stay in / Forever underrated, so now I’m Nicholas Cage-ing it / Doing all about anything long as you put my face in it / Face it, I didn’t want to be famous, but that’s the way it is / Way I play the game, it’s no wonder the brother made it."

Akon delivers one of his best cameos in some time with a determined hook: "I fall and I rise, with the fire still in my eyes / My scars and my stripes, You know I will survive / The strength that I find when I dig down deep inside / Got me still in this fight, and I’ll be the last man standing."

Roth's vocals seem stronger than on his previous work. He's toned down the nasal quality that had critics calling him an Eminem-soundalike. The solid track is likely to remove the one-hit wonder label for good.

'Last Man Standing' is likely destined for Roth's second album, which was once tentatively titled 'The Spaghetti Tree' but does not currently have a name.

Listen to Asher Roth, 'Last Man Standing' Feat. Akon