Finally, a Simpson family news item that doesn't involve Jessica's weight or dad Joe's alleged coming out. Jess' little sis Ashlee Simpson has previewed her new single and video with a 51-second teaser. It's called 'Bat for a Heart' and we're sure you have one major question. Did she knock it out of the park?

Hmm, we're going to say no, not really at this point. Granted, we're judging from a minute-long clip. The gothy, distorted, black and white vid, which features Ash cavorting with a camera, wearing a mask and standing on her tippy toes, ballerina-style, in a pair of Converse sneakers, is her attempt at being crazy-sexy and mysterious. We'll give her this much: We want to see and hear more.

Musically, she's playing with synthy pop, and breathy, sultry vocals. She seems to have paid attention to what  Lana Del Rey does as she is reinventing herself, but she's not exactly going the indie route. It's still pop, but it's got a little bit more weight to it.

The lyrical hook falls on the R-rated scale, as Ash sings, "I’m gonna bang bang / F--- you up / Twist you out inside of my head." We almost forgot she is a mom, so now she's a MILF.

The rest of the video and the song land on Nov. 21. So while you might be eyeballs deep in Turkey Day prep at that point, make some time to ingest the whole thing. It could be better as an entity, as opposed to a snippet.

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