Ashley Tisdale subjected her husband to watching Disney's High School Musical films for the first time, and his reactions were priceless.

The 34-year-old shared a series of Instagram stories on Friday (December 27) of her husband Christopher French's reactions to seeing his wife in the classic Disney Channel films.

“Does anybody know what this is? Because I’m subjecting my husband to watch it,” the actress said in the first video clip of them watching the first film. “He’s never seen any of them.”

She then cuts to the second film with her character Sharpay Evans singing "What Time Is It?" where she remarked, "How cool am I?" while French stared at the screen.

Tisdale poked fun at her "yellow hair" in the film before asking her husband if he would have dated her during her HSM days, to which they both laughed. She rightfully captioned the clip, “Sharpay not your type babe?”

“Isn’t my tankini sexy, honey?” she asked before her husband replied, "actually, yeah." She shared that when it comes to pool numbers, Disney Channel does it differently. “On Disney, we wear tankinis, not bikinis," she wrote.

Tisdale then probed her husband to see if he would have watched the films in his younger days, "probably not," he chuckled. “Not your cup of tea? You were doing some other crazy stuff in high school?" she questioned.

Watch the videos, below.

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