Aubrey O’Day is continuing to spill scalding hot tea about the Trump family.

Following claims that Donald Trump Jr. did drugs with her during their affair, the Making the Band star has revealed that the president's son allegedly threatened to leak personal photos of her.

On Thursday (November 13), Donald Trump Jr. accused the “highest levels of government” of conspiring against his father. O’Day clapped back at him saying he did the same thing to silence and discredit her amid threats to share explicit photos that he apparently has saved.

“Conspire against? Wait.. isn't that the same thing you did to me when you discussed having a thumb drive of naked pictures and information about me that could be released in order to silence & discredit me if need be?" O'Day tweeted.

The singer — who often uses social media to air out alleged Trump family secrets — admitted to having an affair with Trump Jr. after appearing on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. In 2013, O’Day quietly released a song titled “DJT”, which is, of course, Donald Trump Jr.’s initials.

Sources said that O’Day only agreed to the relationship because Don Jr. told her that he and his wife Vanessa were in the process of separating at the time. DJT and Vanessa officially split after twelve years of marriage in 2018.

A rep for the Trump family has yet to comment on O'Days allegations.

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