Now that Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony fame have finally admitted they’re dating each other, it looks like Austin can’t stop gushing about his current girlfriend!

In an interview for the December/January issue of Teen Vogue the 18-year-old singer talks about Camila, saying (all quotes via E! News): "She's an amazing girl, and we have the best time together.” Aw!

The two became friends during a tour they spent together — along with the Vamps and Shawn Mendes — and while Austin wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time, it just kind of happened: "I wasn't looking for a relationship, but we became really good friends when we were on tour.”

He goes on to talk about how important it is to be surrounded with a team full of people that will be positive influences in his life, especially considering the nature of the entertainment industry: "It's all about the team you hang out with," he said. "My friends, they're all cool, they're all clean. I don't want to be that guy who is having problems and going to rehab. I am focused on the music."

You can check out the full Teem Vogue interview when it hits newsstands on Dec. 2!

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