The bad blood between Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift has been cleansed, and it seems Avril's own vital fluids are slowly following suit.

The "Fly" singer, who's been documenting a long, draining battle against Lyme Disease, shared a very intimate update with her Instagram followers yesterday (September 22). It involved good vibes, positive thoughts and enough extracted blood to set Carrie off a second time.

"On my way to good health #TakingCareOfMyself" she captioned the shot above, in which 13 (13!) vials are filled to the brim with "Complicated" plasma. And, while atop an examination table in another shot, the singer looks upbeat, healthy and ready for the next challenge (which is hopefully not the tongue depressor, because frankly, she's dealt with enough already).

"This journey continues...Just reach up, don't give up until you've touch the sky...We were all meant to fly...#DrOfficePhotoShoot," she wrote with the image below.

Lavigne was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease last October when she became totally immobile. She told Good Morning America in June that doctors incorrectly diagnosed her multiple times, and that it wasn't until she'd begun doing her own research that Lyme Disease became a plausible ailment.

"They’d pull up their computers and be like: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or, ‘Why don’t you try to get out of bed, Avril, and just go play the piano," she said, addressing a period she's come to regard as "the worst time" in her life.

Wishing you a continued recovery, Avril!

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