Punk rock pop princess Avril Lavigne cries her eyes out in her new video 'Wish You Were Here,' which is the latest single from 'Goodbye Lullaby.' It's not a single, solitary tear, either. It's a full on cry fest. Aw, Avril! We're sorry you're so sad. But we've been there and we know the feeling of missing the one you love.

The video is striking because it's so spare -- there are hardly any props, save for a flower and a tub. It allows the singer's emotions to become the centerpiece, along with her voice. Avril is solo for the entire video, and of course, she is rocking her great hair and her flawless smoky eyes. She is in an abandoned industrial space, picking petals off a flower before setting it on fire. Jeez, Av, what did that flower do to you? Why did you set the poor thing ablaze?

Wearing just a black slip dress, the strap of which falls off, the singer demonstrates her unhappiness by crying. She is not in a happy place, both literally and figuratively, and black tears spill down her cheek, courtesy of all those coats of mascara. Before you shout "Someone, get the girl a tissue" at your screen, you see her practically sobbing. Is she missing her boyfriend, Brody Jenner? Her ex-husband, Deryck Whibley? Avril really emotes in the video and you want to give her a hug. It comes across as real display of emotion, courtesy of the pained look in her eyes.

Avril also ends up in a tub, submerged, and still not happy when she comes up for air.

It's a somber video with Avril as the only star, in a sad, dark place. It certainly resonates, though! Even a perky pop star like Avril Lavigne immune to sadness that comes with separation.

Watch the Avril Lavigne 'Wish You Were Here' Video