Azealia Banks is one artist who never bites her tongue especially on Twitter. The '212' rapper made a startling claim on her timeline that Coldplay's manager, Dave Holmes, who has been rumored to be her boyfriend, has been repeatedly abusing her.

According to BET, Banks fired off several tweets on Christmas Day (they have since been deleted) revealing an incident of domestic abuse between her and Holmes. "Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of s---. Second time he has put his f----ing hands on me," she wrote.

Banks, who was pop music's "It" girl in 2012, did leave a few missives behind that suggests the root of the problem in their relationship. "A Jealous Man is a Dangerous man," she tweeted, followed by, "Karma will get you sir."

Several members of her K---Brigade (aka her fans) tweeted their support for the young Harlem rapper. One follower wrote, "S---, I ain't afraid to go windmill on a motherf---er for my girl." Fellow rapper Action Bronson also threw in his allegiance for Banks. "LET ME KNOW WHO I NEED TO CHOKE OUT BOO," he tweeted. For those of you who might not know who Bronson is, he's a burly rapper that can surely bring the pain if his assistance is needed.

In any case, we hope that Banks separate herself from her rumored boyfriend and get a restraining order if possible. Banks should just focus on herself and on her new album in 2013.

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