Rapper Azealia Banks celebrated Fashion's Night Out in New York Thursday (Sept. 6) with the launch of her new lipstick "Yung Rapunxel" for MAC cosmetics. The lipstick, which is named after her alter ego, is a limited-edition product that comes in a deep plum-colored shade of awesomeness.

The Harlemite perform at the MAC's SoHo store in front of her Kunt Brigade (aka "her fans") wearing a black bikini top, matching sheer shorts and knee-high combat boots. Banks performed all of her songs that have made her pop music's "It" girl. Her set included tracks like 'Liqourice,' 'Van Vogue,' '1991' and her hometown anthem '212.'

As for her lipstick, Banks said that it was inspired by her don't give a f--- attitude. "It came from me wearing long weaves and being a s--- starter," she tells Allure. "Yung Rapunxel is someone that just f---s everything up. She just wants to have a good time, but she's not f---g s--- up on purpose, she's f---ing s--- up because you're not ready, and everyone else isn't being themselves, and everyone else is trying to follow whoever they think is the leader."

"Little do they know, the leader doesn't even know what the f--- they're doing," she continues. "So that's where it came from, and I just started saying it a lot, like I say it in '212.' Yung Rapunxel is just that girl who's like, 'What's up? I'm here. Who has a problem?'"

Not us. You go Yung Rapunxel!

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