Rapper Azealia Banks is making huge waves in the music game with her fiery rhymes and sassy attitude. The Harlem, N.Y., native has been able to carve a niche and separate herself from the Nicki Minaj comparisons. Just watch her video for 'Liquorice' and you can see that she's far from a Harajuku Barbie.

Banks just released her new mixtape 'Fantasea' (pronounced "fantasy"), a follow-up to her four-song EP '1991.' The collection boasts 19 songs, including a selection of previously-released tracks from the 21-year-old rapper. The cover art features a cartoon-drawn Banks as a mermaid with aqua-colored hair and a purple fin.

On the collection, Banks spits braggadocios and salacious rhymes together over soundscapes that seamlessly meshes hip-hop and dance genres together. An example of that can be heard on 'Nathan,' which features the hardcore rhymes of Styles P. Other tracks like 'Chips,' 'L8r,' 'Aquababe,' 'Out of Space' (a cover of the Prodigy song of the same name) and 'Luxury' will garner repeat listens.

You can download the mixtape free of charge by clicking here.

Banks will follow the 'Fantasea' mixtape with her debut studio album, 'Broke With Expensive Taste,' which is due to hit stores in September.

Azealia Banks' 'Fantasea' Track List:

1. 'Out of Space'
2. 'Neptune' Feat. Shystie
3. 'Atlantis'
4. 'Fantasea'
5. 'F--- Up the Fun'
6. 'Ima Read'
7. 'Fierce'
8. 'Chips'
9. 'Nathan' Feat. Styles P
10. 'L8R'
11. 'Jumanji'
12. 'Aquababe'
13. 'Runnin''
14. 'US'
15. 'Paradiso'
16. 'Luxury'
17. 'Azealia Skit'
18. 'Esta Noche'
19. 'Salute'

Watch the Azealia Banks ‘Liquorice’ Video