Azealia Banks isn't one to mince words, and she certainly doesn't do that in her Vibe cover story. The 'Liquorice' rapper shares her cover with collaborator Diplo, though she does all the talking. She dropped a slew of F-bombs, as well as commentary on other artists, in her interview with the hip-hop mag.

The beautiful Banks has a bit of a potty mouth, and it may be a result of her upbringing: She admits to liking the drama of knowing she'd get in deep trouble for fighting once she got home. She explains, "My mother was always like, 'Anybody say something you don’t like, punch them in the mouth. Do it!'" Banks laughed. "If I had a fight, when she came home I would get another a-- whupping just for being a little bird. And she’d be like, 'Why you letting these people bring you down?' I was a really fresh little girl, always arguing back, trying lipstick on, trying to shake my a-- — knowing in the back of my head I’m gonna get f--ed up [by my mother]," she said. "But f--- it, I wanna get f---ed up."

That attitude extends toward her relationships with other artists, including T.I. and his protege Iggy Azalea, both of whom Banks has beefed with over Twitter. While Banks isn't pleased with the in-fighting, she does recognize that it's a big reason she's garnered so much buzz -- and she thinks sexism is behind it. "Americans are distracted by s--- like that," she vented to Vibe. "It’s like, 'Listen, T.I., if I was a f---ing boy you wouldn’t say anything to me.' But when I’m a girl and I say something back, the media wants to turn it into all these different things. Rappers beef all the time," she continued. "I said what I said about [Iggy Azalea] and kept it moving. Then a month later you said what you said. And it keeps coming up. Leave it alone. I didn’t say she couldn’t rap. I said something very real. Out of everything, she had to [call herself] 'a runaway slave master'?" Banks fumed. "C’mon, that’s not swag. That’s not fly s---."

Phew. Tell us how you really feel! Banks continued, "For T.I. to drag me through the dirt … It’s silly," she griped, before going onto a bragging binge on her overseas success. "In Europe they leave it alone and keep playing my songs on the radio and I keep getting booked for fashion shows because they’re about the art. All I’m doing is making myself look bad by getting engaged with y’all because no one in Europe gives a f--- about y’all," the clearly confident rhyme spitter added. "All I’m doing is giving y’all n----s exposure. So if you notice I’ve backed up off Twitter the past days."

One artist Banks has no issues with at all? None other than Kanye West. "He hit me up like, 'You’re mad talented. What do you eat for breakfast?'" she said of their first encounter. "The whole conversation was pretty dense — two Geminis in one room. So it was so many ideas flying. We spent the whole day together, but the best part was dinner," she gushed. "We’re eating out the same plates with chopsticks, and he’s freestyling for me. I was like, 'Oh s---, this is real!' You know how you smile so much your face hurts?" So cute -- and such a softer side of Banks that we're not used to hearing about. Girl, we like you when you're happy!

Another thing we're guessing? That this Vibe interview was conducted before her Twitter beef with Young Money queen Nicki Minaj, because Banks has nothing but praise for her and her success, though it may be somewhat backhanded: Banks describes the Harajuku Barbie as a pop star, not a rapper.

"The hip-hop world is used to a certain lifestyle that Nicki Minaj and me are trying to escape from," Banks said of their mutual fame. "It’s weird because they like you when they can still see you, but once you try to ascend, it’s like, 'What. The. F--?' Because they can’t reach you anymore, and they’re not rising with you. They miss that comfort and it takes a while to get used to it, but eventually they’ll understand," Banks said of their detractors. "That’s the power of art. Art pushes culture and forward thinking. Right now, if you listen to Nicki, she’s really making good pop music and is definitely up there with Gaga and Katy — exactly where she wants to be. But the hip-hop world maybe didn’t know that’s where she wanted to be."

Banks breaks down her haters thusly: “I’m not getting the respect I deserve. I’m done trying to ask for it … because I don’t need it.”

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