Few kinds of celebrity-entitlement stories are as maddening as when a famous person walks out on an expensive bar tab. Which means B.o.B has some explaining to do, because a bar in Ithaca, N.Y., says the rapper refused to pay a more than $1,000 tab that he and his entourage rang up after their concert on Saturday at Cornell University.

Brad Weiss, owner of Level B, said that B.o.B. and a dozen friends ordered three bottles of $300 Grey Goose vodka and received a free bottle of champagne and bottle service in a reserved section. Including tip, the bill ran $1,060, and the group walked out without paying.

Server Anthony Vipond said that B.o.B's manager told him, "We’re doing you a favor for not charging you … When we go to clubs, we get paid to come." Vipond replied, "This is Ithaca, this is a different town. Things get handled a little differently here."

Musicians that have visited Level B in the past have always paid, Weiss said, citing Drake and Gym Class Heroes as examples. He said his bar will not consider a lawsuit. "We decided letting it go was more prudent than calling the authorities or pursuing a possibly costly legal battle. Next time we will be more cautious about managing the expectations of our celebrity guests.”

TJ Chapman, who works for B.o.B., said Vipond kept offering them bottles, which they assumed were on the house. "I gladly said ‘Yes, and thanks for all the hospitality’ … [but] when we were leaving the club he ran outside with a bill. I asked, ‘What’s this?’ I asked how he was gonna charge us when he kept offering the liquor in the first place?"

After a hugely successful year, B.o.B certainly has the cash to afford a night out, so even if this was a simple misunderstanding, we hope he makes things right.