B.O.B is back with a music video for his current single ‘Not for Long’ featuring Trey Songz. The video does a great job matching the tone of the song. It’s fun and flirty and totally upbeat.

The video shows B.o.B and Trey singing together against a white backdrop, while scenes of B.o.B and his lady friend are interspersed throughout. He and his (totally gorgeous) girl eat breakfast together, hang out, dance around and just generally have an awesome time. It’s a really fun video that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and we love how it matches the laidback vibe of the song.

Fans of B.o.B are in for a serious treat, because he’s shirtless for a nice portion of the video. Sadly, Trey Songz remains fully clothed the entire time, despite our utmost hopes and desires that the opposite would be made true at some point.

What do you guys think about the video? Are you totally into the feel and vibe? Check it out above and let us know what you think!

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