The next time a guy rolls his eyes or pouts when you ask him to take a picture, kindly invite him to take one big seat.

While Kim Kardashian or Ariana Grande might come to mind first at the mention of "selfie," men have proven—in 2015, especially—that they're equally as likely to stage small-scale photo shoots in which they, themselves, are stars. Yup, when they're not pounding their chests or hunting bear, guys have demonstrated some real adeptness in the realm of sexy solo shots, collectively proving that a little bit of vanity isn't exclusive to a single sex. Finally, after all this time, the word is out...

Between Justin Bieber, who decided to enjoy the great outdoors in the buff, and Trey Songz, who proudly showed off his progress in the gym, gentlemen have recently shared their likeness under a variety of filters and with varying installments of soft lighting. And as long as the stars' many followers keep asking for more, it's safe to expect the occasionally shirtless, generally smoldering trend will continue.

Earlier this week, we shared some of this year's hottest female #selfies shared by female stars like Gigi Hadid and Tinashe, but now, it's time to turn the lens on the guys. Check out a comprehensive celeb-collection of men taking selfies above, and keep up with the PopCrush Fan Choice Awards as we cycle through the year's most memorable people and events in entertainment!

Look back at 2015's sexiest selfies—women edition:

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