Instagram can be the ideal host to family portraits, daily affirmations or, as demonstrated in the gallery above, selfies sexy enough to burn a hole through your preferred mobile device. Hope you got that extended warranty!

In 2015, when celebs weren't sharing behind-the-scenes extras with fans or posting Hallmark-worthy shots of their pets, they were generating their own steamy photo calendars complete with a whole lot of skin and minimal clothing. Yup, whether pop acts or silver screen stars were just hanging out in front of the bathroom mirror or seated in the backseat of limos en route to awards shows, they proved there's no wrong time to point their cameras back at themselves and click. After all, who needs a multi-thousand dollar set and the pressure of multiple producers when you've got the afternoon light coming in through the window and a Valencia or Hudson filter all ready to go?

Between Jennifer Lopez in a slinky silver dress, Rita Ora in a plunging flannel top and Selena Gomez in...maybe nothing!...Hollywood's biggest pop acts confirmed there ain't a prude among 'em this year. Check out a very comprehensive list of this year's sexiest celeb selfies above, tell us whose account kept you captivated in 2015 and keep up with PopCrush's Fan Choice Awards, through which we're asking you to name pop culture's Best of 2015!

Oh, and if you're wondering where the beefcake is in this all-female lineup of eye-popping Intstas? Worry not — a dreamboat gallery is on the way.

Check out some of last year's sexiest celeb selfies: