The all-American man is changing, but America isn't ready.

Mattel has unveiled 15 new Ken dolls, including one that comes with a man bun.

Ken will also be available in a trio of shapes: "slim," "broad" and "original," marking a major overhaul for Barbie's main squeeze, who's been around for 56 years. All 15 of the Ken dolls should be available to buy by the end of the year.

Ken will now come in seven different skin colors, feature new hairstyles aside from the man bun (corn rows, people, CORN ROWS!) and include a more modern wardrobe for kids who want dolls with skinny ties, plaid shirts and graphic tees.

It's all part of the Barbie Fashionista collection.

“We are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation,” Mattel official Lisa McKnight said.

News that a Ken who should be living in a Brooklyn loft on his parents' dime while he spends his days wearing a Romphim in Starbucks eating an organic whole grain tofu seaweed wrap has been met with all kinds of reaction by the Twittersphere:

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