Anne Hathaway believes it's "lucky" her Barbie movie wasn't made.

The 41-year-old actress was initially in talks with Sony and Mattel to star in a Barbie film with a whole other story.

However, she thinks it's a blessing that her movie was shelved after Greta Gerwig's record-breaking live-action blockbuster starring Margot Robbie, 33, and Ryan Gosling, 43, as the stereotypical Barbie and Ken took over the world.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, she said: “What’s so exciting about what Greta and Margot and that phenomenal team [did] is they hit a bullseye.

“The bullseye caused the entire world to reach this level of ecstasy. Now imagine that version…that much energy, that much anticipation, that much emotion…but it’s not the right version. I actually think of it as a lucky thing [it didn’t get made].”

The Devil Wears Prada star doesn't believe her film could have lived up to the same hype and she's proud of Greta, 40, Margot, and the rest of the women involved for rewriting history with the feminist film.

She continued: "If I believed that the version I was attached to could have done that, I might feel differently about it, but I genuinely think their film was the best possible version.

"It’s easy just to be thrilled and happy [for them]. I love watching women kill it. To do so well, so undeniably that they actually had to write new records…come on! I think it will probably make things better.”

Meanwhile, Matt Bomer recently revealed he turned down playing Ken in Barbie.

Despite auditioning to play the Mattel doll, the 46-year-old star rejected the part so he wouldn't have to "spend extensive time away from his family."

He told Vanity Fair magazine: “I recorded it on my own, played a bunch of different Kens — and I dressed differently for all of them.

“I recorded the lines of the other person’s dialogue on my recorder and then gave myself space to respond.”

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