Twitter is a vast, vast place and although we tweet our favorite stars, like, every day, we don't always expect that they see our messages. However, that all changes when artists stop by PopCrush and read stuff their fans say about them. The latest celeb to do so is Bea Miller, who recited some of the funniest, zaniest and downright silly things her fans said about her.

So what exactly are Bea's fans saying about her? Well, one said that she is "a human made out of perfection." (Accurate.) Another fan admitted, "If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say I love you."

As amazing as these fan messages are, one of the best parts of the whole shebang is Bea's reactions to them. From cracking up to 'fessing that she's flattered, the singer gave a variety of responses to the tweets and comments. It's clear that her fans connect with her on another level — one thing we love about Bea.

You can watch Bea read stuff fans say in the video above, and check out more from her PopCrush visit in the videos below!

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