When Bea Miller stopped by the PopCrush offices recently, we were super excited to talk to her about her upcoming music video for her current single 'Fire N Gold.'

She couldn't give us too many details about the content of the video, but she did let us know to expect the unexpected. She said, "The video is gonna be really unexpected. I don't think anyone's gonna think that the video we release matches the song and that's what makes it cool."

She continued, "I think when people originally hear the song they think it's really hyper and happy and upbeat, but that's not how I perceive the song. So the music video for 'Fire N Gold' is really gonna match the way that I perceive it."

Bea goes on to say that she even came up with the concept for the video herself -- not exactly a small feat when you consider the fact that she's relatively new to the music industry and she's only 16!

Check out the video above to see Bea talk about the upcoming shoot for 'Fire N Gold'!