Don't bother inviting Bebe Rexha to your sad girls club, because there'll be "No Broken Hearts" for this girl. The rising pop artist and singer-songwriter has debuted the music video for her new single featuring Nicki Minaj, and heartache or no, there's nary a tear to be spilled — only vodka.

Rexha starts off swinging in the clip, literally, as she perches high above the Manhattan skyline on a swing. (Girl, no broken hearts sounds fine but one slip and you'll break your everything!) After coming back down to Earth (again, literally, as she falls through the clouds—warned you, Bebe) as a conduit for Beats by Dre product placement, the bleach blonde pop princess resolves to be a club queen instead of risking ever having her heart be torn by the hands of love. (Heartbreak make me a dancer, am I right?)

For the most part, the Dave Meyers-directed video doesn't offer much by way of narrative, though there is plenty of eye candy to consume: Chic mom jeans! Break-dancers! Fluffy pink poodle skirts! Actual kittens!

In the midst of Bebe's booty-popping and hip-wiggling, rap's Queen Bee (not to be confused with Queen Bey) Nicki Minaj stops by to lay down verse for her "Hey Mama" collaborator. Later in the clip, rapper G-Eazy, another one of her friends and collaborators, pops by to give our girl a big ol' hug. (Pete Wentz, where you at?)

Remember, there'll be no broken hearts in the club tonight. Drink and dance that pain away, baby... Bebe commands it.

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