While members of the Latin community have been using social media to express their thoughts about Donald Trump's anti-immigrant remarks earlier this week, Becky G decided to record a song about it.

Entitled "We Are Mexico," the 18-year-old singer put her feelings into the mid-tempo ballad and sang about her experiences growing up in Inglewood, Calif. "Hard work, double time, overtime, two jobs / Working till our hands hurt / But we ain't never late to pay the bills," Becky opens the song.

Then she gets even more personal by referring to some advice her mom gave her, "Mother said always follow your heart / Make sure to keep your head above the water / And I promised her I always will," she sings in the first verse.

Becky, who's grandparents emigrated from Mexico and settled in the Golden State, wrote the tune in response to Donald Trump's recent comments about the country, which led to Univision ending its business ties with him.

"This is for you Donald Trump," the 18-year-old California singer said in the YouTube video's caption.

As soon as she posted the song on YouTube and social media, the track started to become viral, which reall moved the young songstress. "#WeAreMexico just started trending. I'm honestly almost in tears. This song means so much to me. It's for us," she tweeted.

She also added that the song was not just for Mexicans but for everybody.

"When I say us I don't just mean the Latin community," she posted on Twitter. "I did this for everyone who came to this country for a better life."

"We Are Mexico" will appear on Becky's upcoming album set to release later this year, reps for the singer told Billboard. And considering the song is only a little over a minute long, it's likely she'll be adding another verse, which we can't wait to hear.