Becky G brought pep and patriotism to the stage of the 2014 Teen Choice Awards with her red, white and blue-themed performance of 'Shower.'

The 17-year-old jumped around on stage in sparkly jeans, a white crop top and red and blue plaid, looking a perfect picture of American pop. And that berry lip? Killer! Cute outfit aside, she totally rocked the vocals of her new summer hit, proving why she earned a performance slot at this year's award show.

The slew of backup dancers were also dressed in patriotic red, white and blue as they bounced around on stage with Becky, backdropped by images of rain showers and sunny skies. But we all know who the real star was -- the gap-toothed pop singer! (We feel comfortable saying that since she had gapped smiles flashing on the massive screens behind her. Embrace the gap!)

Check out Becky G's energetic performance of 'Shower' above.