Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief this weekend after learning that Bee Gees member Robin Gibb has made a miraculous turnaround with his medical issues. After being in a coma with days left to live, according to his doctors, Gibb is now conscious in a hospital in London.

While returning to the hospital last month, Gibb developed pneumonia on top of the already complicated situation with his colon cancer issues. Gibb's immediate family, including his wife Dwina and his brother Barry, as well as his family, all flew to be by Gibb's side for what they thought could be the final moments he would spend on this earth.

The family has been reportedly using music to "try and bring him back to us," singing to the Bee Gees icon and playing many of their famous hits during the bedside vigil.

Well Friday morning, Gibb's wife was proud to announce that her brave husband is making a recovery that not  even doctors predicted could happen.  "He's really, really good," Dwina told media outside the hospital. "I can't believe it. He's nodding, and when we ask him questions, he's just responding to everything."

All of us here at PopCrush are so happy to be one of the first outlets to report this amazing news. We are continuing to keep Gibb and his entire family in our thoughts and prayers!