Before they were famous, some celebrities ventured into the world of music videos in order to get their big breaks. In this list of celebrity cameos in music videos, you will get to see some of Hollywood's hottest stars in their earlier days, prior to landing spots on the A-list.

Some of the celebrity music video cameos on this "before they were famous" countdown may surprise you, like actor like Djimon Hounsou getting his '90s on in an old-school dance video. Then there's Jeremy Renner prior to his Academy Award nods, acting as Pink's nemesis in one of her sexiest clips yet. We've also got a music video cameo from Jennifer Lopez, who started out as a backup dancer for an iconic pop songstress before hitting it big.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for some nostalgia, as we take you back in time with these music video cameos featuring celebrities before they were famous! Start reminiscing by clicking on the button below.