'Glee' superstar Lea Michele is the latest starlet to set off "Is she or isn't she?" pregnant rumors. The singer/actress was photographed wearing loose-fitting clothes, which immediately sparked the "OMG! Lea's hiding a baby bump" media speculation.

Michele, who plays Rachel Berry on the hit Fox show, was seen headed to Bellacures Nail Salon in Studio City, presumably for a mani and a pedi. She was dressed down, as most women are when they get their nails done, and carrying a big handbag, which was held near her belly.

Of course that's an instant indicator of mama bear protecting the burgeoning baby cub in her belly, right?

Michele is dating her 'Glee' co-star Cory Monteith, whom she helped shed a pesky 20 lbs.

A source said that the twosome are healthy in their lifestyles and that their relationship has had a positive effect on each of them, so it's not shocking to think they'd want to take their relationship a step further. However, we think it's all a matter of overblown speculation.

"She's vegan and eats organic and she totally changed his eating habits. He’s exercising too. He loves the way he looks now," the insider said.

Monteith admitted he is now doing CrossFit and nixes Snickers.

For our part, we checked out recent event photos of Michele, pictured above, and she looks fit and trim, and without any indication of a bun in the oven to us!

UPDATE: Lea Michele Laughs Off pregnancy rumors.