Let's face it, these young adult books that were released in 2013 have made reading cool again. Although if you ask us, reading has always been cool.

YA is slowly taking over libraries and bookstores around the world, and as a result, we were inundated with a ton of newly published options this year -- ranging from fantasy to horror to coming-of-age romances -- because the genre isn't just for juveniles anymore.

Check out the list of the best young adult books of 2013 below to see our Top 10 must-read YA novels of the year. Hopefully we didn't leave out your favorite!

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    'The 5th Wave'

    Rick Yancey

    The YA sphere has no shortage of post-apocalyptic novels, but Rick Yancey's 'The 5th Wave' sets itself far above the rest of the competition with his incredibly inventive tale of a girl who is fighting against an alien force known as the Others. Protagonist Cassie has already survived the first four killing Waves, but when the 5th Wave comes, she must learn that in order to live you need something worth dying for.

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    'The Coldest Girl in Coldtown'

    Holly Black

    When Tana wakes up at a party surrounded by the bloodied corpses of her friends, she's forced to take her newly infected boyfriend to Coldtown. The only problem is, once vamps and their human pets enter Coldtown, they never leave Coldtown. Starring mysterious vampires and plenty of love interests, 'The Coldest Girl in Coldtown' will satisfy the blood-lust of fans of vampire horror and vampire romance alike. This book is classic Holly Black.

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    'Across a Star-Swept Sea'

    Diana Peterfreund

    This 2013 companion novel to Diana Peterfreund's fabulous 'For Darkness Shows the Stars' (a post-apocalyptic version of Jane Austen's 'Persuasion') is a dystopic retelling of the classic adventure novel 'The Scarlet Pimpernel.' This fun and adventurous tale turns the original story on its head, casting Persis Blake as the shallow aristocrat who is secretly the Wild Poppy herself. Sound familiar? Thought so.

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    'The Archived'

    Victoria Schwab

    Victoria Schwab landed on our radar this in 2013 with her book that follows Mac, a Keeper tasked with keeping Histories (the shells of the dead) inside the Archive as they have a tendency to wake up and start wandering the Narrows -- the buffer that leads to our world. Starring a Librarian named Roland directly inspired by David Tennant's Doctor on 'Doctor Who,' this novel is smart, original and a must-read for lovers of strong world-building.

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    'The Dream Thieves'

    Maggie Stiefvater

    Maggie Stiefvater's 2013 sequel to 'The Raven Boys' continues to focus on Irish and Scottish legends and everyone's favorite protagonists: the equally mysterious and possibly dangerous Adam, Noah and Ronan. The second book continues the quest for the vanished Welsh King Glendower, who, as legend tells, will grant you a wish if you find him. Equal parts breathtaking magical elements and rich storytelling, this is Stiefvater at her best.

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    Marissa Meyer

    A direct sequel to her fractured fairytale 'Cinder,' Marissa Meyer's 2013 book 'Scarlet' follows Scarlet as she searches for her missing grandmother with the help of a street fighter named Wolf. Based on the tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood,' Scarlet eventually crosses paths with the escaped Cyborg Cinder and the two find themselves targets of the nefarious Lunar Queen, Levana. Talk about high-concept science fiction.

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    'Eleanor & Park'

    Rainbow Rowell

    This was a particularly tough pick, because author Rainbow Rowell also came out with the fantastic coming-of-age teen romance 'Fangirl' in 2013, about a girl who lives through a fictional boy wizard. However, our choice for one of the 10 Best Young Adult Books of 2013 ultimately went to the touchingly romantic 'Eleanor & Park,' which tells of a friendship turned love story set in the backdrop of '80s Nebraska, complete with comic books and mix tapes.

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    'Clockwork Princess'

    Cassandra Clare

    The conclusion to Cassandra Clare's fabulous 'Infernal Devices' series, 'The Clockwork Princess' is the finale that every book aspires to be for its fans. Clare ties up all the loose ends in the trilogy in a satisfactory way (love triangles, steampunk creatures, battles with evil and all) that should have 'Allegiant' readers green with envy. Fans of 'The Mortal Instruments,' this is the Cassandra Clare series you should be reading.

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    'Crown of Midnight'

    Sarah J. Maas

    After the events that began in 'Throne of Glass,' Celaena finds herself with a job as the King's assassin, but she's not exactly sure if she can trust him -- especially after a mysterious murder takes place. No damsel in distress, skilled fighter and badass Celaena still finds herself embroiled in a love triangle and court intrigue in this twisting and turning novel that you will be hard pressed to put down. Talk about a book hangover.

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    'Two Boys Kissing'

    David Levithan

    Landing in our top spot of the 10 Best Young Adult Books of 2013 is David Leviathan's breathtaking novel 'Two Boys Kissing,' which follows the based-on-a-true-story tale of Harry and Craig, who participate in a 32-hour kissing marathon to set a Guinness World Record. Beautifully narrated by the deceased homosexual men who have died of AIDs, Harry and Craig's story becomes a gateway to other tales of teen boys struggling with their sexuality and finding their place in the world.