Celebs have it all, but it doesn't mean they won't give it back! There were a ton of heartwarming celebrity stories from 2013, but these particularly sweet tales -- ranging from good deeds to charitable offers to hilarious videos -- took the cake.

  • Justin Bieber Performs Private Concert for Australian Fan Injured in Car Crash

    Justin Bieber had a tumultuous 2013, but the boy wonder still has no issues giving back to his beloved Beliebers. When one fan, Kate O'Neill, in Australia, missed his concert because of severe injuries from a car crash, he made it up to her in a big way. You might cry when you read this one!

  • Harry Styles Skypes With Cancer Stricken Fan, Thanks to Directioners

    Biebs isn't the only teen heartthrob with a heartwarming story! Harry Styles of One Direction learned of uber-Directioner Kelcey Hallinan via other Directioners on Twitter. Moved by her story and fans' support, Hazza Skyped with Hallinan -- and even promised to get a cancer ribbon tattoo in her honor. Swoon!

    Ian Gavan, Getty Images
  • Paul Walker Bought a $10,000 Engagement Ring for a Couple

    Paul Walker leaves behind a legacy far beyond his 'Fast & the Furious' franchise. The blue-eyed-actor, who died on Nov. 30 at 40 years old, once bought an engagement ring for a couple -- in secret -- upon overhearing they couldn't afford the rock they wanted.

    Ernesto Ruscio, Getty Images
  • Beyonce Duets With Blind Concert Goer in Australia

    Queen Bey, indeed! Beyonce shared her throne with a blind fan in Australia, performing a duet with a lovely girl named Sophie Kotkis to 'Irreplaceable.' You need to see this -- but you also need to grab some Kleenex first.

  • Charlie Sheen Donates 10 Large to Pay for an Injured Teenager’s Therapy Dog

    Charlie Sheen may not be too kind to his ex-wife, but he's pretty amazing to strangers. Teenager Teagan Marti was paralyzed in 2010 after falling 100 feet off an amusement park ride in Wisconsin, suffering brain, spine, pelvic and internal injuries which left her unable to walk for months. Sheen learned of Teagan’s situation through his godfather, who'd previously held a fundraiser for the injured teenager. Sheen learned that therapy dogs cost around $6,000, so he pitched in $10,000. Nice!

    Theo Wargo, Getty Images
  • Carrie Underwood Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts

    Generosity, thy name is Carrie Underwood. The Oklahoma native donated a whopping $1 million to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts after her home state was ravaged by F5 storms in May 2013.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • John Mayer Surprises Teen With Expensive Guitar After Random Meeting

    Did Katy Perry really convert John Mayer from a bad boy to a genuinely nice guy? The 'Who You Love' singer met a girl in a New York City guitar shop, asked her which one was her favorite ... and treated her to the instrument in secret. How sweet!

  • Samuel L. Jackson Amazingly Performs ‘Breaking Bad’ Monologue for Alzheimer’s Research

    Living legend Samuel L. Jackson raised money through the website Reddit for Alzheimer’s research by promising to read monologues each time a donation goal was reached. At $155,000, Jackson read the iconic “I am the one who knocks” monologue from ‘Breaking Bad’ as Heisenberg/Walter White. Not gonna lie -- with the star's love of the word "bitch," we think he'd be amazing as Jesse, too.

  • ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Star Andrew Garfield Gets Schooled on the Court by Kids

    How adorable is this? Andrew Garfield, who stars as Peter Parker  in 'The Amazing Spider-Man’ star took a break from filming in New York City to let some kids school him in basketball. What's more? He did it all while wearing his Spidey suit!

  • Pink Stopped a Concert to Console a Crying Little Girl Because She’s Awesome That Way

    Pink is a mom, so when she sees a child upset -- especially a little girl, since she has one of her own in Willow Sage -- she won't stand for it. The 'Truth About Love' singer stopped in the middle of a concert to console a crying girl ... and to scold the crowd for scaring her. Love that Pink!

    Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.com