Beyonce glistens like morning dew in her sensuous new video for '1+1.' Since the song is spare (showcasing Bey's voice and a guitar solo) it's appropriate for the video to zero in on Beyonce's beautiful face without much in the way of extraneous plot or characters. She is so oiled up that she literally shimmers and shines, as her face and body has been sprayed with some sort of glimmering cosmetic product. Her flawless, silky smooth skin emits a golden glow that rivals the sun. Her lips are slicked with a pale pink gloss and her hair is tousled, like she just engaged in a little lovemaking. She's healthy, flushed and in love. Remember, she does demand "Make love to me" in the song's desire-laden lyrics and she looks like she just hit the sheets ... And hard.

Beyonce drips sensuality from start to finish, smoldering in a leopard print bikini, garter belts and in other various states of undress. There is even a close up of her face as a single tear runs down her cheek, conveying the emotion she feels for the man she is singing about. It's not just physical.

There's a brief moment when we see a man clutching her from behind, his arm clinging to her. We catch a glimpse of his silhouette, but that's about it. These moments are steamy enough to make her husband Jay-Z jealous, though.

The video is sensual because of what it implies and indicates, as opposed to what it directly states. Beyonce's heat and sexuality are communicated through ice, smoke, flowing garments and the shimmery film that coats every inch of her curvaceous body.

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