Beyonce has released the third single off of her '4' album. The mommy-to-be has dropped 'Countdown' as her latest single, and although we weren't digging the tune of the track on original '4' album review, the track has grown on us more over the past few months.

The intro of the song kicks off with some anthemic horns and drums, as Bey belts out during the pre-chorus: "Oh, you got me all gone, don't ever let me go / Say it real loud if you fly / If you leave me you out of your mind."

While the hip-hop beat is undeniably catchy in the verses and bridges (with head-bopping drums and an amazing brass section), the chorus still feels slightly out of place; we wish it held the energetic momentum of the music within the verse, but it instead slows down the song. The music up until the choruses make you want to let loose and dance along, but the refrain's robotic countdown and one-note synth makes us want to put our dancing feet on hold until Bey gets sassy again during the verses and powerful pre-chorus.

During the actual chorus, Bey and a computerized voice sing, "My baby is a 10 / We dressing to the 9 / He pick me up we 8 / Make me feel so lucky / He kiss me in his 6 / We be making love at 5 / Still the one I do this 4 / I'm tryna make us 3 / From that 2 / He still the 1."

Discounting the repetitive, list-like refrain, 'Countdown' is a great Beyonce track. We just wish that one section of the song would've been developed further, but it is still a danceable, sing-along track that showcases Bey's amazing vocal abilities and feminist attitude.

Listen to Beyonce, 'Countdown'