Even before her arrival over the weekend, Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted only the best for their little angel, Blue Ivy!

Not only did the celebrity couple splurge on a 2,200 square foot nursery in their Tribeca apartment (which includes a $3,500 crib!), they also reportedly had not one but two custom suites built at the Lenox Hills Hospital in New York where she was born on Saturday (Jan. 7).

"A month ago, [workers] tore down six to eight rooms and turned them into two suites," a Lenox Hill Hospital reports to Us Weekly.

The hospital employee says that Beyonce and Jay-Z "paid to have it constructed just for them," adding it is so "amazing" that "you'd want to live in there!"

The posh suites (which you can see here) were complete with everything you could possibly want for a comfortable hospital stay, right down to the warm, mahogany colors on the walls. The suites were finished well in advance and sat empty for about a month prior to little Blue's birth.

Could this be one of the reasons why other moms-to-be had ruffled feathers during Beyonce's stay at the hospital? Even though the hospital is denying any truth to the upset mothers, as well as the fact that Beyonce paid $1.3 million for special security to the wing of the hospital she was staying, reports from earlier this week claim that some patients plan on suing the hospital for their limited access to parts of the complex where the superstar was giving birth, including being temporarily denied access to the NICU.

One thing is for sure when it comes to the four-day-old baby Blue Ivy ... she sure knows how to make an entrance into the world!