After teasing her new 'Love on Top' video for weeks, Beyonce has finally unveiled the finished product. The video for the feel-good love song is simple in the sense that the choreography and outfits are the center pieces of the visual, with sets being kept as subdued as possible except for the addition of some lights.

As we saw in the preview, the 'Love on Top' video kicks off with Beyonce dancing in a brightly lit room overlooking the ocean along with a group of male backup dancers. Bey is pictured wearing a black bodysuit, tights, black sneakers and a decked-out military cap. The choreography has an old-school feel, reminiscent of new jack swing groups from the '80s and '90s, with coordinated kick steps that look like they could've been in a New Edition or Boyz II Men video back in the day.

Suddenly, the visual changes, and Beyonce and her backup boys switch out their contemporary hip-hop flair for gold suits and a darker room that is illuminated with matching tones of gold. This time around, Beyonce seems to be channeling the '70s with her flashy pantsuit. The outfit swaps don't stop there though, as the diva and her guys also wear white suits and tuxes towards the end, with Bey pulling a sexy reveal towards the closing portions of the vivacious, fun clip.

'Love on Top' marks the fourth video off of Beyonce's '4' album, following 'Run the World (Girls),' 'Best Thing I Never Had,' and 'Countdown.' Which video has been your favorite so far?

Watch the Beyonce 'Love on Top' Video