Oh baby! Remember those pesky rumors that Beyonce isn't really pregnant and that she has been wearing a prosthetic baby bump? Yeah, we know, we had forgotten about them, too, since they were so preposterous. Well, it turns out that Bey filmed a video about all the hype surrounding her pregnancy during which she chants "Oh baby" dramatically. While it's not exactly a response to those ridiculous rumors, it's an example of Bey's amazing sense of humor about the matter.

This message was obviously filmed during the 'Countdown' video show, which was can tell from her hair and her attire, which are both incredibly mod.

Bey identifies that date as Sept. 23 and holds up a copy of The Daily News and mimics the "Oh baby!" headline from when her pregnancy was announced, while rubbing her tummy and making rubbery facial expressions.

"Right now I am actually shooting the video 'Countdown' and I'm sixth months pregnant pretending my stomach is flat in body suits," Bey says. "Thank God you can't tell from the front but when I turn to the side? Oh baby!"

It's almost as though Bey was filming this in advance of the rumors that would start to circulate. It's ironic that she was trying to conceal her pregnancy while filming with body suits and a few weeks later, the media would start to suggest that her baby bump was the work of a prostheses and that it was all an elaborate hoax. Plus, if she's six months preggers on Sept. 23, that means the baby will be due just in time for Christmas!

Watch the Beyonce 'Oh Baby! Video