Beyonce is the busiest pregnant woman we know. The singer just released the video for 'Countdown,' the latest single for '4,' and she cycles through more costume changes and wigs than her 'Telephone' partner Lady Gaga in the space of four minutes. Some of the changes look CGI -like when she wears the same long-sleeved bodysuit in an array of blindingly bright colors -- but for the most part, Bey plays the part of clotheshorse.

Conceptually and stylistically, Beyonce harks back to an era gone by for much of the video, wearing a black, pixie cut similar to that of the Motown girl groups. She's a modern Diana Ross. She's dressed in all black with white socks at one point and it's a nod to Audrey Hepburn's classic elegance. Bey takes it up a notch with her ultra glossy lips and orange dagger nails, and extreme winged eyeliner. We all know a diva can never be simple, especially in her music videos. She gave us a preview of this look earlier this week, but she goes full on with her costume changes in the full clip. Go ahead, try and keep track of them. We dare ya!

Bey also shows off the bun that is rapidly growing in her oven, too. But for the most part, the video splits the screen and shows different sides and styles of Beyonce, with the focus on her expressive face and eyes. The video's pacing is pretty frenetic and '60s inspired. She also dances like a fiend, even though she's with child. God bless her. She has boundless energy.

Here's an inventory of some of Bey's attire throughout: a striped hat, bright shirts and bodysuits, leggings, an unbuttoned pink blouse, a bowl cut with a black dress, various headbands, a black button up men's shirt, a flowy, asymmetrical, loose top and a sparkly gold mini paired with a bouffant bob. Bey is really pulling from the '60s with her mod looks and she is flawless and stunning from back to front.

Watch Beyonce 'Countdown' Video