There are few pop culture subjects talked about as Beyonce's baby-to-be. We're not even talking about "Is it a boy or a girl?" chatter or the curiosity about what she is planning to name the lucky little bundle of joy. That's all gossip child's play -- pardon the pun -- when it comes to Bey and her baby. The web is alight with stories that Bey is faking her pregnancy with a prosthesis and that she is not really with child. We know, we rolled our eyes at first, too.

Some sources have gone as far as to speculate that Bey is wearing prosthetic stomach in an elaborate cover up. What exactly she is covering up, we're not really sure. As it turns out, this isn't just idle gossip or nonsensical talk, either. There is some questionable video evidence that's sparking this talk. Bey appeared on the Australian TV show 'Sunday Night,' where she revealed her baby is due in February,  and a shot from that interview is what's fueling the fire of gossip.

On the show, Bey looked gorgeous in a bright red dress that showed off her bump. When she sat down in the chair, her bump looked like it was collapsing inward, as TMZ pointed out. While it's true that baby bumps are not exactly mobile and don't fold, it could be the camera angle, the lighting, the dress or an optical illusion. We've never seen a pregnant stomach look like that, but still.

Further rumors abound that the singer has really hired a surrogate mother to carry the child and to give birth so that she won't have to put her rock hard body through the physical rigors of pregnancy herself.

We think that it's all a bit of a stretch. Beyonce’s publicist has dismissed the crazy claims, telling E! that the rumors are all “foolish." The only thing Bey is guilty of when it comes to her baby bump is patting it incessantly! She's always touching it and hey, she's allowed. While at first it looked like she was checking to make sure the baby is still there, she's just proud and protective of what's growing inside of her.