Beyonce delivered one helluva fierce performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 3.) She epitomized her Sasha Fierce alter ego, and Miss Fierce was in full effect, shaking her groove thang, making rubbery faces that are expected from Nicki Minaj and generally being the queen that she is. However, some of the photos show her making angry-looking faces, and her publicist has taken to asking them to be removed.

Beyonce is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. A couple of photos where she makes a grunting face will not change anyone's opinion of her beauty, since it's undeniable. There are few creatures as gorgeous as Bey.

Buzzfeed posted the email it received from her publicist, asking that the unflattering images, which are readily available to media sources, be removed.

It's worth noting that even in her "worst" photos, Bey still looks stunning. These are images of an artist in the middle of an unforgettable performance. They are not posed. They are not paparazzi images snapped unknowingly.

Rather, they are natural. They are real life.

And it's those moments that make us all real. It's like that old saying about how our flaws make us beautiful. Some photos of Bey, mid fierceness, hardly stain her image!

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images
Chris Graythen, Getty Images

Watch the Beyonce Super Bowl XLVII Performance

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