MTV wants to break a world record and they're using Queen Bey to do it. The network is hoping to set the Guinness World Record for "longest dance relay marathon" with a nonstop Beyoncé dance party tonight (March 9) at 11PM EST. The 24-hour event will take place outside MTV's headquarters in Time Square. So, New York City, get ready for a Beyoncé takeover. And keep an eye out for former 98 Degrees heartthrob Nick Lachey, we hear he might make an appearance.

The Beyoncé-a-Thon isn't the only record-breaking event the network will be hosting this week. From most meows in a minute to a 2025 time capsule, MTV is calling this "Record Breaking Week."  Practice your best meow for Wednesday, when #mostmeowsaminute will commence. MTV is asking you to send in videos of you and your feline counterpart meowing as many times as possible in just one minute. This sounds like a perfect task for Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson.

On Thursday they'll be asking viewers to document personal record-breaking events with the #EpicWin hashtag. Friday is all about "Most Contributors to a Time Capsule in 24 Hours." Asking viewers to send in well wishes for the world in 2025, they'll bury a time capsule under the MTV headquarters to be unearthed in 10 years.

This devilishly fun week is sure to be amusing, so be prepared to stalk the MTV social media accounts to keep on top of the event. "Record Breaking Week" isn't just for the shenanigans, it's also for building up that reach-for-the-stars MTV spirit. Stephen Friedman, MTV's network president, said "Our audience is made up of dreamers, believers and they love nothing more than to do something bigger and better than it has ever been done before."

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