Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori continues to show skin in public. This time, she wore a NSFW outfit at the couple's appearance at Milan Fashion Week 2024.

Kanye West's Wife Bianca Censori Wears NSFW Outfit to Milan Fashion Week 2024

On Friday (Feb. 23), Ye and Bianca made their appearance at Fashion Week in Milan, which is going on from Feb. 20-26. In footage captured from the couple's cameo at the Marni show, which can be seen below, Ye is wearing a black wind-breaker outfit and black Nike gloves. Bianca, however, has on a more striking ensemble. She is wearing what looks like a piece of black leather that is pinned around her shoulders and fashioned around her waist. The piece of leather cuts down to a V shape near Bianca's nether region and is fairly loosely fitting.

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Kanye West and Bianca's NSFW Moments

This is just the latest of several NSFW moments the couple has had on social media and in public recently. Earlier this month, Kanye revealed why she shares so many scantily clad photos of Bianca on social media.

"Yo, I just wanted to tell everybody I posted my wife three times on purpose," Ye said in the video shared on social media. "So what I'm saying is, I delivered the album and people still in my comments talking ’bout, 'Why you posting your wife?' ’Cause she make me happy."

He continued, "That's why y'all happy with the music because I'm happy. So don't never say nothing negative. If you don't like my page and don't like what I'm posting, go f**k yourself, seriously. Leave the king the f**k alone. I don't care, bro. I'ma post my wife as much as I want. Go post your wife on your f**king Instagram."

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Check out photos and video of Ye's wife's NSFW outfit at Milan Fashion Week 2024 below.

Watch Kanye West and Bianca Censori at Milan Fashion Week 2024

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