The guys from Blink-182 (Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus) might be as famous for their often hilarious and sometimes weighty music videos as they are for their catchy pop-punk tunes. In celebration of their entertaining videography, we want all of you Blink-182 fans to vote on your favorite music video from the trio. After much debate, we've narrowed the list down to 10 of our all-time favorite Blink videos, and you can vote on the video you love the most below.

Kicking off our options for Favorite Blink-182 Music Video is the clip for 'Dammit,' in which Hoppus freaks out over seeing his ex out with another guy. Of course, we can't forget 'What's My Age Again,' which finds the Blink dudes streaking through the streets. Next up is 'All the Small Things,' where DeLonge sports some nasty hillbilly teeth and Hoppus gyrates in his tightie whities as they spoof '90s boy bands like 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys.

The video for 'Man Overboard' is unique and lends us a laugh, with some little people take the place of the Blink-182 members, acting out some pivotal Blink music video scenes like frolicking on the beach a la the 'All the...' clip. 'The Rock Show' is also memorable, with the guys from Blink-182 receiving funds from a production team to film their own video, in which they can be seen giving a homeless dude a makeover and smashing television sets. 'First Date' is also amazing, with the trio dressing up in cheesy '70s garb as they try and make girls swoon in this retro clip.

On the contrary, 'Stay Together for the Kids' is much more somber and serious, as Blink take a literal approach to the song's lyrics and perform in a dilapidated home that is being destroyed by a wrecking ball. 'Feeling This' brings it back towards a more lighthearted tone, with a bunch of oppressed private school kids revolting against the rules and wreaking havoc on their school. Blink's clip for 'Down' is also compelling, as we see a police officer (played by Terry Crews) chasing down a gang member on the run. Finally, 'Always' is another cool Blink video, with the three guys getting played by the same beautiful girl -- the director utilizes a three-way split screen of each band member to add a really interesting visual effect.

So, out of all of these Blink-182 music videos, which is your favorite? Click on the links in the song names above if you need to refresh your memory at all.