Blue Ivy apparently saw a little more than she bargained for during her parents' recent On the Run II stop in London, England.

In footage captured by tour-goers and shared to social media, the 6-year-old can be seen in the audience as Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform. At one point, she makes a face in disgust, covers her eyes, and then crouches behind a barrier in order to avoid seeing what's going down onstage. She occasionally peeks out to see if it's safe to come back up, then ducks again in embarrassment when it's not.

According to the poster, the moment happened during a video interlude in which, per snippets posted online, the couple kisses and lounges in bed, and Beyoncé twerks. So, not exactly what you want to see your parents doing at any age, even if they are music's reigning monarchs.

Eventually, though, Blue did come up for air: In other fan-shared clips, she can be seen dancing and teaching her friends how to do the Jay-Z's Roc Nation symbol, which involves making a pyramid with your hands and pulsing them up and down.

Watch the hilarious moment, plus others of Blue Ivy in the audience, below.

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