BoA is back — with something more danceable than a power ballad or a slinky R&B midtempo for once.

Following news of the Queen of K-Pop's return to Japan with the theme song for a drama called Yaneura no Koibito, the superstar is wrapping up her hosting duties on Season 2 of Produce 101 with a brand new single for her home turf: "CAMO," a fierce blast of electro-pop energy reasserting her position on the throne.

Like a cut lifted from her 2009 self-titled English-language foray or 2010's Hurricane Venus, the synth-heavy banger finds the talented performer powerfully strutting her way through the shadows.

The stomper was produced by The Underdogs (Damon Thomas & Harvey Mason Jr.), the duo behind everything from Beyoncé's "Listen" to Girls' Generation's "Mr.Mr." (They also produced two tracks on BoA's 2015 studio album, Kiss My Lips: "Shattered" and "Home.")

And the accompanying surrealist sci-fi themed music video, blending element of nature with technology, showcases those signature moves as BoA effortlessly transforms into a cyborg glamazon, recalling a little bit of The Fifth Element and The Cell, as well as Janet Jackson's own robo-reinvention with "Feedback."

No word on that Korean comeback album just yet, but this ought to tide over fans...for now. Camo-fla-ah-ah-ah-age, ooo!

Watch below, and grab the track worldwide on Spotify and Apple Music.

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