When it comes to the 2018 NCAA Tournament, it's still a tossup between the Michigan Wolverines and the Villanova Wildcats. who will battle on Monday night (April 2) for the title of March Madness champion. But where PopCrush's K-pop March Madness 2018 Tournament is concerned, it's a done deal.

In March, we challenged K-pop fans far and wide to vote across a series of matchups to ultimately construct a supergroup with members that included an ultimate leader, a dancer, a rapper, an edgy one, a pretty one and a cutie. Across three rounds, fans flooded our systems to make their picks, which included existing members of bands like BTS, EXO and BIGBANG. And finally, we've got our winners (and our unstoppable new mega-band).

Check out the winners of the K-pop March Madness 2018 Tournament in the composite image above, and see who won each individual category below.

Ultimate K-pop Leader:


The Edgy One:

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

The Pretty One:


The Cutie:

J-Hope (BTS)

The Dancer:

Jimin (BTS)

The Rapper:

Suga (BTS)

BTS Through the Years:

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