Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, took to Twitter yesterday (Feb. 23) to give the public his side of what's going on and also to lash out against Bobbi's father, Bobby Brown. According to CBS News, Nick claims he was barred from seeing Bobbi while she remains in the hospital, but Bobby Brown's lawyers released a statement saying, "Mr. Gordon was offered an opportunity to potentially visit Bobbi Kristina and he declined to meet the terms of any possible visit."

Posting on Twitter, Gordon began, “My only regret is not getting to @REALbkBrown faster to give CPR. Like I said you all entitled keep them coming. My sh— is made of Rhino skin so is @REALbkBrown when she wakes up and tells the truth. You all know I can’t give you your 15 minutes when you say negative allegations.”

After saying he hasn’t seen Bobbi Kristina in over three weeks, Gordon then called out Bobby Brown directly, saying, “Crazy how all the Browns came to the hospital when this went down. I’ve been with her 24/7 watching over her and mom. Bobby left when it got heavy. I’ve been to the hospital bet you didn’t know that with Tyler Perry my baby’s lawyer and a couple of AUNTs with death threats from the Browns don’t even say I didn’t try [sic].”

Gordon then went on to claim that Bobby Brown is only after money at this point. You can check out those tweets below:

Finally, he tweeted about caring for Bobbi Kristina and her mother, Whitney Houston:

Bobbi Kristina was first rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in her bathtub on Jan. 31.

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