Oprah Winfrey's sit down with the late Whitney Houston's family aired on March 11 as a 90-minute 'Oprah's Next Chapter' special. It was the first time the immediate family spoke out since the singer's untimely death exactly a month ago.

There were some major revelations, such as the fact that Houston was found facedown and naked at the time of her death. But the main source of curiosity surrounded the diva's only daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and just how she is doing. Surprisingly, the teen, who turned 19 a week ago, is holding it together pretty well. Additionally, Houston's manager, sister-in-law and best friend Pat revealed that the singer's ex-husband Bobby Brown was not responsible for any of her problems.

First things first. Bobbi Kris, who was hospitalized twice after her mother's passing, was incredibly composed, showing herself as a strong woman, like her mother. "I'm doing okay," she told Oprah. "I am getting through it, as good as I possibly can at this point. I'm just trying to keep going. I gotta keep going."

What keeps her going? "Family, the Lord and her," she said. BK hears her mother around her all the time. She  can't listen to Houston's music at this point, but enjoys communicating with her on a whole other level. "I can hear her voice in spirit talking, saying, 'Keep moving baby, I got you.' She always asked, 'Do you need me?' Out of nowhere, I said 'I always need you,'" she revealed. She also shared that their last day together consisted of spending time together and holding one another.

The teen is considering following in her mother's footsteps professionally, with some aspirations to sing, dance and act. Her mother prepared her to deal with that kind of pressure.

Pat Houston revealed that she knew her friend and sister-in-law was in trouble in the late '90s but flat out told Oprah that she does not blame Brown for getting her hooked on drugs. "I can't say he introduced drugs to her," she said. "I don't think that's true. Bobby and I had a good relationship. She always said, 'You are trying to protect him.' I said, 'No, I protect the truth.'"

The couple's issues stemmed from "a lot of outside interference," according to Pat. "They loved each other and tried to protect one another, but there was so much intrusion from the outside. You are talking about two people who started out in the business very young. How can you be equipped for that?"

Pat confirmed that there was some sort of nebulous confrontation between Houston and 'X Factor' contestant Stacy Francis, who seemed to be "around all the time" and was apparently following them at the party before she died. "It didn't feel right," Pat said, confirming that heated words were had and that Francis was crying, something we saw her do quite a bit during the season. There was, however, no altercation.

Pat shared the details of Houston's final day, revealing she was preparing to shoot a candle infomercial. She was completely numb when the makeup artist screamed at having seen Houston. She saw her brother Ray, who was part of the security detail, trying to revive the singer to the point of exhaustion. Houston was on the floor, looking peaceful in the tub, but Pat did not know how she got there or what exactly happened at that point.

The controversial leaked photo of Houston in her casket that was published by The National Enquirer was discussed, with the singer's brother Gary feeling violated, calling the act "intrusive" and "wicked." He also confirmed that there is no ill will between his family and Brown. As for his former brother-in-law-'s presence at the funeral, Gary said he "was supposed to be there." Brown's presence was not only welcome but expected. He wasn't sure what exactly happened with his early exit, but emphatically declared that he loved Bobby, yet isn't sure that he and his sister were good for each other.

The family also shared that Whitney's mother Cissy Houston is taking it hardest, and wasn't ready to speak on camera yet.

Overall, it was an intimate portrait of a mourning family.