The second part of Bobby Brown's revealing interview with the skeptical Matt Lauer of 'TODAY' aired this morning (May 3). The first half aired yesterday.

In this intimate chat, the candid singer spoke about what happened at his ex-wife Whitney Houston's funeral and his relationships with Bobbi Kristina and his other children, who were referred to as his "entourage" at Whit's services.

About the funeral, Brown disputes the idea that he was not welcome. Remember, he was married to Houston for 14 years and was close with her family, something they admitted. "I was invited, to come pay respects to my ex-wife," he said, shooting down the idea that the Houstons didn't want him on site. He continued, "That's not the type of family the Houston family is. They are a great family and I appreciate them very much."

However, Brown exited early, due to the fact that his children were treated like "entourage." He said, "Whoever the security was there asked me to have my what they called my 'entourage,' which was my children, sit somewhere else. I didn't want to sit away from my children." Later in the chat, Brown's kids point out that they, too, loved Whit and were there to say goodbye.

Brown continued, "After the third time coming to me, I felt a little disrespected. I decided it would be best if I just left. I kissed the casket and me and my children left the building."

Rumors of a rift with Whitney's mother Cissy are exaggerated, he said. He has reached out to her, but they've yet to make contact. "She lost her only daughter," Brown said with empathy. "I love her dearly and I am here anytime she wants to talk."

As for his recent arrest for DUI, he copped to being "clean and sober from narcotics" and has been for seven years. But he's not perfect. "I do drink," Brown said. "I am not allowed to drink for the next 30 days. I do have a cocktail occasionally. I will again."

When Lauer mentioned Bobbi Kris, he smiled. "She is a strong girl," he said. "Her mom taught her well. She knows her mom is gone and she knows she has to live." He is not worried that she is in danger of addiction at this point, even though he will always have that as a concern -- given his and Whitney's drug problems and the fact that he is a caring father. He also said that she is not dating her adopted brother, per their conversation. That part of the interview was a bit awkward, as Lauer probed Brown about how much he knew on this private issue.

Brown's four other children sat down and espoused his virtues as a dad. One of his daughters mentioned that she had known Whit since they were 3 and loved her and wanted to say goodbye, but didn't get that chance. She reminds viewers that they were all family at one point.

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