Receiving a bonus from your employer can help make you feel appreciated and valued as an employee.

According to employment site Indeed, "Employees who make an effort to perform better at their jobs deserve rewards. Employers who want to reward their employees for doing exceptional work can provide them with on-the-spot bonuses, which also encourage and motivate other employees to behave or perform similarly."

Bonuses can "increase employee engagement, motivation, loyalty and retention."

A boss was roasted after they told their employee that a "pat on the back" was "worth more" than a bonus after admitting they were overworked.

An individual shared a screenshot of an email they received from their boss after requesting a bonus after successfully completing a big event for the company.

"Asked my boss for a bonus after working overtime during one on the top 5 biggest events in my state," the employee wrote via Reddit, showing the email the boss sent to the employees.

Proxyclick Visitor Management System via Unsplash
Proxyclick Visitor Management System via Unsplash

"To everyone that worked [redacted] this year including those that worked extra shifts to help with coverage. Thank you all very much. Collectively, you got windburned, rained on, got cold, got sore feet, worked long hours, missed sleep and had your personal vehicle struck by a gator," the email read.

The boss continued: "Everyone's efforts were, and are, greatly appreciated. We had a successful [redacted] and gallery opening because of these efforts."

The employee responded to the praise, asking: "Does this mean we get a bonus?"

The boss quickly shut down the bonus request. "A pat on the back is worth more than any monetary increase," they fired back via email.

Users flooded the comment section roasting the boss for his response.

"Tell them they can keep all the pats then and you'll take the less valuable money," one person wrote, while another commented: "Reply, 'my landlord doesn’t accept pats on the back.'"

"F--k your pat on the back, dude. Just saying 'your efforts are appreciated' doesn't actually do s--t," another person wrote, while a fourth weighed in: "My bank requires that I actually have CASH in my account when I pay my bills."

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