A man on Reddit is becoming increasingly frustrated with his retired mom who won't stop asking him for money.

"Ever since my mom 'retired,' she's leaned on me financially for every emergency expense (from new tires, to new brakes, to other emergencies). After paying $2,000 to fix a bunch of repairs on my mom's car, she asked for another $1,000 to pay off her car loan," he wrote.

The man explained his mom is "killing" him financially all because she didn't prepare for her own retirement.

"She was basically forced to leave her job five years ago because they reduced her hours to part-time and told her she could either take that or take severance and quit. She took the severance. It was $25,000 to $30,000. It's gone now after a few years," he continued.

His mom also receives roughly $2,900 a month from Social Security and her husband's military retirement, but she "keeps blowing her money."

"I don't understand how she has no money. Me, my mom, my sister and my niece share a four bedroom house and rent is $500 each plus utilities. She should have money left over. I just don't understand. The only explanation is I think she got herself deep into credit card debt because every time I turn around she's getting a new padded envelope in the mail," the man recalled.

Things recently came to a boiling point when he found out she hadn't gotten her car's oil changed in well over a year.

"I told her that was unacceptable. You can't do that. We went to the dealership service center and her car needed $2,000 in repairs (brakes, rotors, oil, transmission fluid, filters, etc.). My mom didn't have it. So I begrudgingly dipped into my savings and 401K to do it because her brakes were basically about to fail. Today, I paid the last $300, paying around 80 percent before and around 20 percent today," he revealed.

To add insult to injury, on the same day he paid off his mom's car repairs, she asked him for an additional $1,000 to pay off her car loan.

"She said that the $500 monthly payment is too much for her and rather than waiting for the next three to four months to finish it off, she wanted to know if I could pay it off now and 'she'd pay me back.' Not even five hours after I just paid $300 for her," he concluded, adding he is "past the point of frustration with her."

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Users gave the man some tough love in the comments section, with many insisting he put his foot down with his mom.

"'No' is a complete sentence. She’ll bleed you dry. You gotta start standing up for yourself because no one else will," one person wrote.

"She's not going to stop overspending if she's always got your money as a reserve. Stop paying for anything for her, tell her you cannot afford it and she needs to budget her money better. She's making more than a lot of people working make, she can fund herself," another shared.

"She's doing it because she can. She has more than enough money. She's spending it with the idea that you'll keep bailing her out," a third person commented.

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