A woman on Reddit has been "banned" from her 31-year-old boyfriend's side of the family after she told his mom to stop asking them for money.

"MIL [mother-in-law] has asked for money since the first day I met her. She was a [stay-at-home] mom for most of her life, and had four sons with two different men. Both ex-husbands have passed away, so now she reaches out to her sons for money," she began.

In the two years she and her boyfriend have been together, he has paid his mother's phone bill regularly, given her hundreds of dollars in euros, sent her random cash amounts, bought her home wares and even food.

"Many times she doesn't even say thank you," the girlfriend added.

"The boyfriend and I are comfortable, but not rich ... For a year, MIL has been pushing him to agree to give her €50 monthly. She thinks if each son gives her €50, then she can have €200 a month," she continued, adding she doesn't "understand the need for this extra money" since the government subsidizes the woman's apartment, plus she gets social security and pension.

"Between her four sons, they pay for her home goods, another son pays for her hair and nail appointments, another takes her out to eat. No matter what she receives, she insists on more each time," she shared.

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When it was recently her boyfriend's birthday, which is also close to his mother's birthday, they got together to celebrate and brought his mom a cake.

"She had nothing prepared for my boyfriend, not even a card, but was happy to accept the cake. Things were actually OK until we finished eating and she brought up money again. She said she complained to her friend how she has four sons and only one of them helps her," the woman recalled.

When the woman asked her mother-in-law what her plan was for retirement when she had children, she responded that she "didn't have one." When she asked the other woman

"I said, 'Oh, OK. And why do you think €50 is nothing to your son? How can anyone say €50 is nothing to anyone with the cost of living these days?'" she recalled, adding that her mother-in-law pressed, "Yes, but would you let your mother go hungry?"

"I said, 'No, I wouldn't, but your sons haven't let you go hungry.' I added, 'I am actually really surprised that on your son's birthday, when he brought YOU a cake on HIS birthday, came to YOUR house, and you didn't get him ANYTHING, not even a card, you are comfortable sitting here making him feel bad for not giving you money,'" she continued.

"He didn't stop me so I kept going: 'At 31 years old, do you think your son and I don't want to start our own family? But we know we can't do that economically, and we don't want to burden our kids with that in the future,'" she added.

Now the woman is "banned" from his family, though her boyfriend is "100 percent" on her side.

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Users in the comments section slammed the woman's seemingly entitled mother-in-law.

"Having kids is not an investment. You build a family knowing the risk, that if your kids can’t support you, you will support yourself. I understand some cultures might see it differently, but having kids [is not] financial security in your days when you are old. She sounds very selfish, and it seems like the reason she had kids in the first place, was to secure her retirement. She needs to find a way to either get more money, or budget better with the amount of money she already has," one person wrote.

"Sounds like you won the lottery by being 'banned' with your husband by your side. Hopefully, this will help him feel less guilty for not giving her another euro," another commented.

"Maybe she should get a JOB rather than sponge off taxpayers AND her kids. Her bad choices in life have put her in this position and it’s time to hold her accountable rather than let her entitled self lay the guilt trip on her kids," someone else weighed in.

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